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Naruto crack RP

    Think of a hotel thats far off in the forest, about three floors high, not too shabby in appearance... Oh, and your character has been brought there on an isolated experiment project, hosted by a well-established terrorist organization called h.o.u.z.e., but they don't know that. They just woke up there!
And now? They can't get out. Even if they manage to get outside, and walk a straight line into the forest, the second the hotel disappears from behind them, they're stepping out into the clearing on the opposite side of the hotel. This place has become its own world.
What's worse is all the things happening to them. Without the inhabitants knowing, they are subject to secret experiments. Sometimes they'll find a fridge filled with food from nowhere; they'll eat it and turn into monkeys. An odd vapor in the top floor bathroom turns people's skin green for 24 hours. Sometimes the walls ooze or some rooms the keys have disappeared for start having noises come from the inside...
considering applying?
If you're considering applying there are two things you're going to want to look at before you jump on in:
.o1: The FAQ/rules. It helps to understand the RP and know the rules before you jump on in.
.o2: The list of taken characters. You might not want to apply for a character that's already taken. NOTICE: Due to a new community change, we will officially accept characters from other fandoms as of December 19th.
Simply submit an application following the guidelines and application outlines on the post.
once accepted
Read the check-in post and follow the instructions.
all needed links
ADVERTISEMENTS: A quick copy-paste advertisement so you can help pimp the comm (unfinished).
APPLICATIONS: The post where you submit your applications for the community.
CHECK-IN/OUT: The section of the community you approach if your application has just been accepted, or you're dropping you're character.
CONSOLE UPDATE: Makes updating your friends list v. easy. Approach when first joining and when dropping. :]
CONTACT INFO: The contact information for the players. Always good to have.
FAQ/RULES: Basic information on the community, and the rules. Any questions? Here's the place to ask them.
HIATUS: If you're going on a hiatus, this is the post for you!
SUGGESTION BOX: If you've got ideas for what we can do for the experiments being done in the hotel, don't hesitate to share here.
TAKEN CHARACTERS: Self explanatory, I do believe.